Environmental Lab Tests

ASTM Standard Water Leach Test Conducted by First Technology, Inc. in March 2007.  The ASTM Water Leach Test is intended to demonstrate the effects on the environment (soil, groundwater, etc.) of the breakdown of our product over a long period of time.  The test is conducted by immersing a premeasured sample of GRIP-FLEX in pure water and then tumbling the sample for a period of 18 hours.  Afterwards the water is removed and tested for all the bad stuff normally associated with paving or pavement maintenance products.

You can see the actually scanned images of the results to the right of this text.  IN SUMMARY:  When GRIP-FLEX Surfacing (FAA Standard EB35 Type B) was subjected the ASTM Standard Water Leach Test every category of bad stuff that one might expect to find in a pavement maintenance product tested at "BDL", or Below Detectable Limits.  Each of the four (4) pages of the test results are displayed to the right as "thumbnail images".  You can review and download the images for review.

Report of Analysis on the ASTM Water Leach Test conducted by Firstechnology Inc. Labs

Vapor Phase Testing using Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry

We asked Envantage Testing Labs to put GRIP-FLEX Surfacing through a rigorous testing process to determine just what, if any PAH components might be released during the curing process.

GRIP-FLEX Surfacing is applied at ambient temperature, with 50 Degrees Fahrenheit the minimum and 120 Degrees Fahrenheit being the maximum likely temperature encountered in the actual project environment.  So we had the lab test GRIP-FLEX at 50, 80 and 120 Degrees F.

Of course, since we use a very highly refined coal tar we knew that our material was free from harmful vapors, but since there is such a smear campaign being mounted on the coal tar industry we thought we'd take the initiative and have the test results published for all to see.

This is the documentation from Envantage Testing Lab test on GRIP-FLEX Surfacing for any PAH emissions during the curing process.

In-house Torture Testing

Fuel Resistance

We all know that asphalt products can not tolerate any prolonged exposure to aviation fuels.  Many of the products marketed for pavement preservation or pavement rehabilitation claim to be capable of resisting damage from aviation fuels.

Let them try this test.  We took a standard application of GRIP-FLEX Micro-Surfacing Type B and cured it on some release paper.  Then we took that sample and placed it into a bucket containing Jet A Fuel.  And we left it there for four (4) days.  Then we took it out of the bucket to inspect the damage.

What damage?  Other than turning the fuel an amber color the GRIP-FLEX remained completely intact and undamaged. Click on the Thumbnail Images below to get a close-up view.

Step 1

A bucket with Jet A Fuel

Step 2

A sample of GRIP-FLEX Surfacing Type B

Step 3

GRIP-FLEX Surfacing Type B immersed in Jet A Fuel

Step 4

GRIP-FLEX Surfacing Type B on Day 4 of immersion into Jet A Fuel

Step 5

GRIP-FLEX Surfacing Type B Still Standing!

In-house Torture Testing

Water Resistant or Water Proof?

We know that asphalt soaks up water like a sponge, and that continued exposure to water is one of the primary causes of the breakdown of asphalt.  The only purpose for the surface course (the top) on pavement is to protect the underlying structure.

Asphalt does a poor job of resisting water, and most of the pavement coatings we are familiar with do not do much better over the long haul. GRIP-FLEX lasts. 

Just for a quick test we took a bucket of water and immersed a piece of GRIP-FLEX Surfacing Type B that was cured on release paper.  We left it there for about two weeks.  We could have left it there for two years. Click on the thumbnails images for a close-up view to see for yourself.

Step 1

A bucket of water

Step 2

Here is the GRIP-FLEX Surfacing Type B Sample

Step 3

Here is the GRIP-FLEX Surfacing Type B on day one of the water immersion test

Step 4

Here is the GRIP-FLEX Surfacing Type B on Day 13 of the water immersion test

Step 5

Here is the GRIP-FLEX Surfacing Type B removed from the water after 13 days


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